Who Needs a Stay Cool Pillow?

High Metabolisms

Stay cool pillows are ideal for people who always seem to be hot such as those with naturally high metabolisms.

Fevers or Hot Flushes

Anyone suffering from fever or hot flushes could benefit from a Chillow as they can help to bring your temperature back down.

Headaches or Migraines

People who suffer from regular headaches or migraines often find that a cool pillow eases the pain and allows them to sleep soundly.

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Are Cooling Pillows Cold or Cool?

What Do Cooling Pillows Feel Like?

Different brands do have slightly different exterior materials but they're all normally smooth and cool to touch.

Can my pet use it?

Unfortunately no. These pillows aren't resistant against sharp things such as claws or teeth, however there are cool pillows for dogs which you might be interested in.

Where can I use the Cool Pillow?

You can use them pretty much anywhere that you might need them. If you're using them outside try not to leave them in direct sunlight and if it's a warm day you'll find it might only stay cool for an hour or so.