Which Dogs Need a Cooling Mat

Older Dogs

As dogs get older their joints and muscles become achy just like in humans. The canine cooler can help to alleviate these pains.

Recovering Pets

Dogs which are recovering from an illness or recent surgery could benefit from using a cooling mat to help sooth any sore areas.

In the car

The canine cooler can stay cool for up to 3 hours so can make the journey a lot more comfortable for your dog.

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Can my Cat use it?

Is the canine cooler cold or wet?

No not at all. It's not cold or wet, just cool. You can make it colder by placing it in the refrigerator for a 15-30 mins but it's not required.

What does it feel like?

The canine cooler is designed not to be cold but simply to stay cool at the perfect temperature to remain comfortable.

Does the Cooling Mat slide on the floor?

In order to activate the canine cooler for the first time, it must be filled with water. With this additional weight the mat is fairly heavy and with a flat base this makes it stable on carpet, hardwood and vinyl flooring.

Can I Put the Canine Cooler in the Washing Machine?

No you can't however the canine cooler does come with a cover which you can wash in the washing machine.