Who Needs a Leg Cooling Pillow?

Lower Back Pain

Those who wake up with lower back pain or who experience any during the day may find that a leg pillow can help considerably by preventing any spine twisting during the night.

Knee or Ankle Pain

By resting your knees or ankles either side of a leg pillow each night can reduce the stress that's placed upon them and potentially eliminate any pain in the morning.

Too Hot

For those that get too hot during the night a cooling pillow of any kind could help to regulate your body temperature to a comfortable level. Regular cooling pillows or leg cooling pillows are definitely worth a try.

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Can I put the pillow in the washing machine?

What is the leg pillow made from?

The pillow is made up of a high density core which provides the stability, and then it has an outer layer of gel memory foam which molds itself around your legs to give extra support and comfort.

Do you have to sleep on one side?

You have to sleep on a side but not specifically your left or right. You can even switch during the night.